It is an extra rugged attachment with fast pickup and will produced additional bales. JAWAN 122, JAWAN 266, JAWAN RAINI 1220 normally produces 60-70 Bales per hour. Turbo will deliver 80-100 Bales per hour. Turbo machine is specially designed for baling: PADDY, SORGHUM and CORN STRAW


This is a small and compact machine with excellent operation in narrow and small holding fields.


This model is a smooth running machine with high efficiency.


This is an extra wide machine with smooth and excellent running model.

Hay Rake

It’s used to collect the spreaded paddy straw into a single row, to reduce straw missing, while baler running. These Hay rakes are designed in accordance with the current industry standards, assembled by utilising superior quality components under the supervision of our experts. It has a height adjustment lever, for adjusting machine height from ground level, as per the field. It is also used in coir factories.

Ridge Plaster

The ridge plastering is a tractor attached implement that will build new bunds/ field ridges and also strengthen the existing bunds/ field ridges at high speed while making them stronger and aesthetically much better. It is suitable in both dry and wet conditions. Bund/ Ridge forming is a continuous and very important process in the preparation of the rice field before cultivation. The traditional manual bund/ ridge forming work is characterised by low efficiency, low strength, high cost and directly affects the profitability of rice farming.

JAWAN Baler Machine Specicications

JAWAN Baler Machine


Standard Features:
  • Reynolds Heavy Duty Roller Chain
  • Blue Plated Sprockets.
  • Bale Density Adjustor.
  • Wider Wheel Base for Stability.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder & Hoses.
  • Manual Lubrication System.
  • Optional Features:
  • Bale Counter.
  • Integrated Hydraulic Pump & Powerpack.
  • Applications:
  • Cattle Fodder.
  • Power Plant.
  • Bio Fuels.
  • Paper Industry.
  • Tags: Ridge Plaster Manufacturers, Hay Rake Manufacturers, Square Baler Machine Manufacturers, Horizontal Baler Manufacturers, Baler Manufacturers

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