It is an extra rugged attachment with fast pickup and will produced additional bales. JAWAN 122, JAWAN 266, JAWAN RAINI 1220 normally produces 60-70 Bales per hour. Turbo will deliver 80-100 Bales per hour. Turbo machine is specially designed for baling: PADDY, SORGHUM and CORN STRAW


This is a small and compact machine with excellent operation in narrow and small holding fields.


This model is a smooth running machine with high efficiency.


This is an extra wide machine with smooth and excellent running model.

Ridge Plaster

The ridge plastering is a tractor attached implement that will build new bunds/ field ridges and also strengthen the existing bunds/ field ridges at high speed while making them stronger and aesthetically much better. It is suitable in both dry and wet conditions. Bund/ Ridge forming is a continuous and very important process in the preparation of the rice field before cultivation. The traditional manual bund/ ridge forming work is characterised by low efficiency, low strength, high cost and directly affects the profitability of rice farming.

JAWAN Baler Machine Specicications

JAWAN Baler Machine


Standard Features:
  • Reynolds Heavy Duty Roller Chain
  • Blue Plated Sprockets.
  • Bale Density Adjustor.
  • Wider Wheel Base for Stability.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder & Hoses.
  • Manual Lubrication System.
  • Optional Features:
  • Bale Counter.
  • Integrated Hydraulic Pump & Powerpack.
  • Applications:
  • Cattle Fodder.
  • Power Plant.
  • Bio Fuels.
  • Paper Industry.
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